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Koi Care offers a full integrated service to Corporate and home pond owners. Koi Care business objective is to ease the task of the Koi keeper and within doing so ultimately ensure that fish and pond life flourish. Request a quote

Pond design and construction

Koi Care understands that for most it is the aesthetic, tranquil environment and interaction with their Koi that attracts them to having a Koi pond, but few realize that building a pond is actually creating a habitat for Koi to live in.

Pond Leak detection and revamping

A leaking pond could be a very frustrating, expensive, time consuming experience and does not promote a water wise environment. Majority of leaks are from incorrect pond construction and waterproofing methods.

Pond maintenance

Koi Care owner Gerhard is often saddened by the conditions he finds ponds. You can not maintain your pond every 3 months and think it will create a natural eco-system and your Koi will just survive! Sadly many pond owners only see maintenance necessary once they encounter a problem pond. This is often too late! Pond maintenance is not negotiable.

Irrigation installation, repair and service

Koi Care offers a value added service that whilst servicing your pond we can service your irrigation system for a nominal extra fee. Services further extend to the planning, layout and implementation of new irrigation systems.

Why Koi Care

Koi Care, owner Gerhard Lezar has been dealing with Koi keepers emotions, pond challenges and solutions for over 9 years which put him in immediate rapport with Koi keepers. Gerhard has renovated and provided leak detection solutions for over 200 ponds successfully and have build 17 new ponds.


Dear Gerhard,
Now that the work on my Koi pond is complete I wanted to send a note of thanks for the way in which you carried out the relining of my pond. Quite astonishingly you paid as much attention to my fish as I do and understood that I wanted them to be as safe as possible in a holding tank whilst you refurbished the pond. They all survived and are certainly none the worse for wear. Not one of them has shown any sign of stress during the time they were relocated. I also appreciated that you came to check the fish on a Sunday evening. I was very surprised that you were on site everyday and did the work yourself and also that you were on site when you said you would be. I will certainly recommend Koi Care 911 to all and sundry – what could have been a stressful time was certainly not!

Thank you once again,
– Sandra Hembling, Cell: 082 572 3372

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